Charity – giving – lifting – Needy without Credit.

About Us

About us

Sri Anantha Kalpha Foundation is a Charitable and Social Service Trust for needy, established in the year 2010 by Mr. S. Easwaran and Miss. E. Krithika. It's a Non Profit Organization (NPO) with Social well being as Objective. It's an irrevocable Social Service Trust established for charitable purposes. It is pledged to the Welfare of the people from the most unprivileged society without discrimination of cast, creed or colour. We tackle to initiate a World free from Profiteering and Hatred where everyone has the space to live their lives to their full potential. It is supported by the Volunteers and Contributors to serve the needy.


  • Ventured to afford Excellent Education
  • Serving physically challenged and different abled persons
  • Preserving and Defending Natural resources
  • Ventured to Secure pools and ponds
  • Ventured to Endorse Traditional culture
  • Donating foods
  • Endorsing diverse Indian culture
  • Theosophy projects
  • Ventured to deliver public awareness
  • Ventured for Yoga campaigns and Life awareness

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